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My passion is wire and metalwork, using hair fine wires in creating beautiful and unique wearable art using wrapping, soldering and folding techniques.  My journey started with jewellery making but in recent years I have started combining my skills with sculpting techniques which is taking me on a new journey of teaching and designing my own workshops in both wirework and mixed media sculptures.  

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Sunburst Pendant with Red Tigers Eye

Each of my designs are beautifully hand cut, crafted and finished with meticulous attention to detail, and you will often see influences of the North.  Growing up in Scotland, my childhood was full of legend and myth, castles, clan customs, rugged coastlines and dramatic scenery. In later years living in Northern England I explored the Roman settlements along Hadrians Wall, the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales and dramatic landscapes of the Lake District before moving back to my native Scotland, overlooking the Solway in Dumfries and Galloway.


I hope you will enjoy perusing the items, and if you would like to know more detail about NorthStone Art & Jewellery, please see the Categories page.