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Mixed Media Art

In an exciting development, NorthStone Art & Jewellery joined forces with Powertex UK in June 2018 to become an accredited tutor and distributor and this opened up many more creative avenues. This has led me into the world of mixed media, particularly fabric sculpting, mixed metals and clay for indoor and outdoor art.  

Wire Art

Many sculptures use wire to create the support structure, so it made sense to combine with these techniques. However, my work with wire and metals has shown me just how beautiful wire weaving can be when it is used as an exposed decorative feature in art and sculpture.


Wire weaving is where I started in my jewellery journey, using hair fine wires to produce the most intricate designs.  As I progress my knowledge and understanding of wire and metals, my designs are also evolving. As well as using Sterling and Argentium Silver in my designs, I love using patina'd natural copper wire for the warmth of colour it gives complementing many skintones.


As an accredited tutor and team leader for Powertex UK, I run regular mixed media workshops from beginner to advanced level around Cumbria and South West Scotland. I am also developing further workshops and tutorials in wireweaving and metal forming techniques.

Flower Boots by Joan & Mandy

"Autumn Thistle" with Labradorite

Amber dragon wire art and Powertex

Denim planter with polymer clay roses